For companies

For companies

In a general context of promoting workplace wellness, smoking is a recurring issue. So to make your business a tobacco-free space, we are offering a specific version of Smokitten for your employees.

Smokitten is a tangible tool in your quality of workplace life policy. It’s easy to implement and always accessible.

By providing Smokitten licences, you give employees who want to quit smoking the chance to do so, using a mobile video game. They each have the application on their personal or work mobile phone, with the full array of features (mini-games, cessation monitoring, community, etc.).

You can customise the application with your logo and a dedicated presentation screen, to make it a key element in your CSR programme, promoting wellness among your employees.


We were honoured to receive the award for innovation in quality of workplace life in the “preventing addiction” category. This distinction was bestowed by Préventica, a Lyon trade exhibition specialising in risk control.

How does it work?


We supply the version of Smokitten dedicated to your company via a personalised download link. Your employees just need to download the app on their smartphone, and it will be fully accessible for one year – plenty of time to crack the island’s secrets in 222 days…

You have a back office that tells you how many downloads have been made, with activation dates. You can also delete or activate accounts. The icing on the cake? You can programme personalised push notifications yourself.

And because successful tobacco cessation also depends on support from family and friends, our partners, who specialise in running in-company events on workplace wellness, will be pleased to offer you a full programme. By reducing smoking while teambuilding around a public-health issue, you are fostering social innovation in your business.

The benefits of Smokitten?


Stop smoking and the multiple effects are quickly visible – just 24 hours after your final cigarette, your heart-attack risk is already falling! But people often need a lightbulb moment: an employer providing a fun video game, plus a joint push to quit with colleagues and an internal awareness-raising campaign, can be an excellent way to make up your mind.

By promoting employee health and workplace wellness, Smokitten is a dedicated tool for reducing absenteeism and helping your people be involved and efficient at work.

For more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.